Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lazy? Or Focused?

Knitting was not much of a friend this month. I'm on row 3 of the herringbone cowl, and I'm happy if I knit 3 stitches on it a week. I'll be lucky if I have it finished for Winter 2013. But I will finish it. It's just too pretty not to want to finish.


Yeah, seriously, that's all I have done. I haven't even finished transferring from the aluminum needles to the bamboo ones.

I'm slightly ashamed to admit it,  but I saw this pattern on Pinterest and had to cast on. I had some yarn leftover from Basil, and I knew it would be quick and cute. I didn't know it would be that quick and cute!
Mug Cozy 1

I don't love this first one. It's cute, but the gauge is too loose. The pattern called for DK weight yarn on US5s, and I used worsted weight yarn on US6s because I couldn't seem to find my US5s. I am not the most organized knitter. In addition to the gauge being off, which is all my fault, I don't love the pocket construction. It just seems really bulky to have 3 layers of knitting in the pocket area.

The last thing I don't love is the way I did the ribbing on the pocket. Because I hate seaming so much I decided to pick up a stitch at the beginning and end of each row and knit it into the first/last stitch to anchor the ribbing. I wasn't really paying attention so now the pocket looks crooked. It's not enough to stop me from using it though!


So, what did I decide to do? Why start another one! I've plotted the pocket construction to be less bulky, we will see how it turns out. I'm using some leftover Cascade 220, I should have just enough to do one cozy with it. If I run short, I should have a nice constrasting color to do the pocket/ribbing part. I might just do the pocket in a contrast color anyway. That would be supercute!


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  1. That is a great idea, a mug warmer with tea bag pocket.