Friday, January 6, 2012

I really need some new needles

I was out running errands today and I really should have stopped to get some bamboo needles are our local craft store. These US15 aluminium Boye's are making it difficult to work on the herringbone cowl. I did manage to move on to the second row though! It sounded like it would be difficult to k2tog tbl  (through the back loop) but it's just fussy. Oh well, every stitch is progress.

I did a little baking this week. Biscotti! I love biscotti, it's crispy and sweet, kinda like a cookie, but different- better somehow. And I am a chick who loves cookies. This is chocolate citrus biscotti from the food network. The original recipe called for the biscotti to be dipped in melted chocolate instead of having the chocolate chips, but I figured the chips are easier and you get the chocolate in every bite.


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