Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I don't usually do this.

But I'm going to talk politics for a second.

Politics are why I did not post yesterday. I spent 2 hours waiting in line and voting. Was it boring, yep. Do my legs kinda hurt from standing? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes, Yes, a million times Yes.

There was dramaz. A woman wanted to vote without the privacy screen, at the table where the poll workers were handing out the ballots. The argument was loud and annoying, then the person in line (not the person involved in the argument) ahead of me and Mr. TEK was trying to get us involved in a discussion of the rules. I basically told her that if she had something to say about the situation she should take it to the poll worker, and otherwise I did not care.

Today is quite interesting. I learned on Facebook that we are automatically socialists now, and that we will have to eat apples instead of deep fried potatoes in restaurants. If only the country had known about the apples the election may have turned out differently!

I will say this, I am glad that many of the politicans that brought up rape in their campaigns lost their elections. There shouldn't be a place in politics, on either side, for that kind of ignorance or lack of empathy.

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  1. Wow the apples thing is news. I bet you can fry them too though. We're Amurricun!We can fry anything!